Tuesday, October 27, 2009

BMW M3 GT from NFS Shift first convertion NOW WITH HQ INTERIOR!!!

Ok here is my first convertion from NFS Shift with my friend keisuke, so we proudly present to you our new BMW M3 GT enjoy it

And we just added a new HQ interior


Friday, October 23, 2009

Tutorial How made your own Garage in Las Venturas

First of all you going to need MED that is the program to edit maps in GTA SA and make always a back up!

Open the program and hit OK

Now tab for Scene and choose the location that you want to edit, but this time we going to edit vegasW.ipl
Now click Render

and let's take a search for this warehouse, you can move with your wheel mouse or with the arrows of your keyboard

We you get in you going to see this!

Now get close to the objects that you do not want into the garage

and click right in your mouse and wait for the options and click delete object

after few minutes later you going to have a clean garage like this

Now tab to IDE and choose the vegasW.ide and hit save

the last step is save

Now check in game!

You can get the cleo mod in Kottons Chop Shop site! and only use the cleo mod by Threepwood so this cleo mod going to open the door when you get neer to the garage and transfeder modification and parked cars!!!

LINK you have to be registred for reading!

and you can get MED in a lot of sites!